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Great Taste and Better Function - Science

PERQUE Whey Guard follows the PERQUE Promise. PERQUE uses only the highest quality ingredients, in products designed with an understanding of the latest medical and scientific information, and always featuring Full Disclosure Labels.

Full Disclosure Labels - All ingredients in PERQUE products are listed on the label. And everything on the label is guaranteed.

Third Party Analysis - PERQUE uses independent third party assays to substantiate every assertion on every PERQUE label. In the protein powder category, many products rely on "text book" or hypothetical data to present a "Typical Amino Acid Profile" on their labels. This is unacceptable to PERQUE.

Actual Amino Acid Chart

Dr Jaffe on Actual Amino Acid Profiles

Actual Amino Acid Profile

Scientists at Boston University analyzed the protein in PERQUE Whey Guard as well as several leading competitors. The results of the PERQUE Whey Guard analysis are proudly displayed on the "Actual Amino Acid Profile" on our label.

This analysis revealed that there can be a significant difference between the "typical amino acid profile" listed on many products and the “actual” amino acid profile of the product.