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How to get Perque Whey Guard
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Perque Whey Guard

"I lost five pounds the first week"
-from an RN in NY

"My husband tried it and really liked the taste. My son had been using another 'best available protein' but PERQUE Whey Guard was much improved on taste."
-Mom in So. Cal

"I have been enlarging our basement on and off for the past 6 months by digging through our existing dirt crawl space and building, in stages, a concrete retaining wall 8 inches thick 6 1/2 feet high by 40 feet in length. This has all been done by hand due to the limited space and headroom underneath our home. It has been a very physical undertaking, the amount of labor involved with the digging, the construction to make forms to pour concrete and the mixing of concrete by hand has been slow. I am 55 years old and most days I could barley endure 5 hours max of this hard work. I would take a break after 2 1/2 hours and stop for some food and rest. Since I started the PERQUE Whey Guard in my morning routine, I skip breakfast and am truly amazed that I now work a full 8 hours nonstop with no lack of energy. I even have to think twice before deciding if I am hungry or not for dinner, most times I just want to keep working. It's amazing! I calculated that I moved, by myself, 20 bags of concrete weighing 60 pounds each, at least three times from start to finish for every 8 hours of work, in addition to the digging of dirt and the building of forms being done in the same day. I asked my 30 year old son if he bench presses that much in a day. When he got out the calculator and checked out how much I was lifting all he said was ‘Dad, ship me some of that PERQUE Whey Guard’! I laughed, ‘not bad for your old Dad, hey son’? I may even challenge him to an arm wrestle when I next see him."
-Mike C., Port Townsend, WA

Great Taste

Compare PERQUE Whey Guard to any protein powder on the market, and find out why we guarantee our product is the most delicious and nutritious for you! But don’t take our word for it, listen to what others say:

"I just had to submit a recipe to the PERQUE Whey Guard collection. I recently added a teaspoon of Turkish coffee to my regular morning PERQUE Whey Guard chocolate shake and I must say, it was the best mocha shake I have ever had. I just had to share. Enjoy"
-S.J., Virgina

“This morning I tried your PERQUE Vanilla Whey Guard for the first time after my workout. As someone with a great deal of experience with protein powders, I must say that is a truly good tasting natural vanilla protein powder! Most of all I love drinking it and knowing that no artificial sweeteners are in the product, these days that’s hard to find”
-Ashley, M., Livermore, CA

“I don’t use protein powders as much as I would like because I just don’t like the taste. PERQUE Whey Guard is so good, I’m going to start, and actually stick with, my plan to replace lunch with a shake every day.”
–Samantha L., Richmond, VA

“The chocolate flavor is great, it doesn’t taste artificial.”
-Greg M., Chicago, IL

“I really like that I can get over 10 grams of good fiber in my diet, all in the same serving.”
-John H., Oak Lawn, IL

"The new Whey Guard from PERQUE is not only great tasting and so easy to mix but the extra fiber is a great added bonus. Another fabulous product from a fabulous company!"
-Christine C., Roselle, IL

"My patients love the flavor of PERQUE Whey Guard"
-Dr. Amanda H., Chicago, IL

"As an active athlete who runs and bikes, I personally tried PERQUE Whey Guard before recommending it to my patients. I was impressed with the quality, taste, protein content and fiber."
-Dr. Brian H., Fond Du Lac, WI